Africa, Part 3

Finally, no discussion of Africa is complete without including its people. From the Masai of the Serengeti, to the Zulus of southern Africa and everyone in between, the people of Africa are astounding in their diversity. Try to think of all the ways that African culture has influenced the world and you begin to get a sense of the magnitude of the African soul that is writ large in its people. 

In my travels in Africa I’ve met some of the most decent, beautiful, honest, wise people anywhere. In Rwanda, I met a young man whose family was butchered during the genocidal madness of 1994. He survived, losing his leg and part of his eye, and was still one of the most cheerful and caring souls I’d ever known. 

Time and time again, most Africans I met showed an abundance of humor, common-sense wisdom, kindness and pride in their particular corner of the continent.   

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