On the Rocks, Kastraki, Greece
On the Rocks, Kastraki, Greece

Curiosity and restlessness have always been a part of my makeup. For thirty years now, the urge to know ‘What’s around the next bend?’ has led me down countless roads in many far-flung corners of the globe. 

Along the way I’ve had the chance to explore and engage with many other cultures. And, despite the differences in the languages we may speak, the clothes we wear, the foods we eat or the color of our skin, there’s one thing that always comes through, and that is the common thread of humanity running through all of us. 

I hope the images and stories here reflect the spirit of curiosity that keeps me moving toward that next turn. And even more, I hope that something on this site will fire up your curiosity to get out there to find your own adventures and discoveries. 

–Bob Demyan