After 27 years of traveling with my camera, I’ve managed to accumulate a few images. It’s always been a bit vexing to try to ‘categorize’ them. Just about any photograph can fit into several categories at once, depending on how many categories one wishes to create. With the advent of digital photography, that task has been made easier through database-driven websites. However, that’s not what this site is about. 

For this site I’ve tried to assemble a range of images that try to answer a question I often get—‘What do you like to shoot?’ There isn’t one answer to the question. Sometimes it’s the light. Sometimes it’s the the color or graphic interest of a scene. Many times, it’s the moment or the activity. Often it’s the people, the faces, habits, gestures, that help define a place.

Tying it all together is the idea of story. It’s at the heart of what drives me: a desire to capture images that convey a story, no matter how simple or how expansive. That’s what I hope you’ll find here.  I’ve tried to keep the categories simple and fairly broad. I hope to eventually add a ‘search’ function, but for now, I invite you to wander through the catalogs presented below. And you can also choose from categories in the menu on the left at any time.