China, Part 2

Many of these ethnic minorities have found themselves at odds with the central government. Their Muslim culture and nomadic traditions aren’t an easy fit in a communist country ruled by a government in far-off Beijing. There’s a general feeling of being under the thumb of an ethnic Han Chinese majority whose language and culture are alien to them. 

In choosing images for this collection I wanted to highlight some of these ethnic minorities and their culture. I also tried to include images from lesser visited parts of China, particularly Guangxi and Yunnan provinces in the southwest. Guangxi is a frontier province in the far southwest that borders Vietnam. It is home to the Zhuang people, China’s largest ethnic minority. 

Guangxi is also where you’ll find the iconic Chinese landscape of verdant limestone towers rising up from lush green fields. The city of Guilin sits astride the Li River and is the heart of this region. (more…)