India, Part 2

Negotiating the choked streets, chaotic traffic and sensory overload of any big Asian city can derail the heartiest of travelers. India’s take on this, however, puts the country in a league all its own. It’s an onslaught of busy like you’ve never seen. Thankfully, English speakers can find a sliver of relief in the fact that English is widely spoken in India.

This legacy of the British colonial period has actually proven useful in a country with over 1600 recognized languages! While Hindi is the mother tongue of most Indians, English has emerged as the de-facto unifying lingua franca across the country. 

India, like its neighbor China, has also benefited from the economic globalization of the 21st century. Instead of manufacturing, though, India became a global hub of the information age. With a highly educated population fluent in English, along with an abundance of computer scientists, software engineers, and digital entrepreneurs, India is perfectly suited for the role.