Latin America, Part 2

The ghosts of indigenous civilizations long gone are but one part of Latin America’s charm. Whatever your feelings about the colonial history here, there’s no denying the architectural legacy of the Spanish and Portuguese in Latin America. The colonial architecture of towns like Trinidad in Cuba, Antigua in Guatemala and Salta in Argentina, is stunning to behold. 

Yet, the human imprint on Latin America is dwarfed by the natural history to be explored here. The names are legendary: the Amazon, the Andes, Patagonia, Iguazu Falls. The Amazon basin has often been called the ‘lungs of the world’ for the amount of oxygen given off and carbon dioxide taken in. It is also one of the planet’s richest depositories of biodiversity and one of the most endangered. Each day a few square miles of Amazon rainforest is lost to logging and burning to create grazing land for livestock. Next – Part 3