The African nation of Lesotho may be small as the crow flies, but it’s anything but when you’re on the ground. This tiny Kingdom (yes, it’s a monarchy, albeit a constitutional one…) packs a big wallop when it comes to culture, scenery and adventure travel.  Lesotho is an ‘enclaved’ nation, that is, it sits entirely within the territory of another nation, in this case, South Africa. 

In my blog I suggested that if one were to ‘flatten out’ Lesotho’s mountainous terrain, it might be closer in size to Mexico. Don’t know how accurate that is, but I can assure you of this: there’s nary a spot of flat ground to be found anywhere in the country. Winding, precipitous mountain roads are the rule here, and some of those roads require a 4WD vehicle to navigate.

In particular is Sani Pass at the country’s eastern frontier with South Africa. It truly is one of the world’s great drives, but it’s unbelievably steep, unpaved, rocky and rutted, prone to slides and instant gullies in storms, and has the tightest switchbacks I think I’ve ever encountered.

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