Middle East, Part 2

The Middle East has, unfortunately, become freighted with negative associations.  Terrorism, failed states, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Syrian civil war, Isis—all are facts of life in the Middle East. What’s often overlooked is that there are many places in this vast geographic region that are NOT embroiled in tumult. Turkey is one that I visited recently. 

And yes, Istanbul and Ankara have had terrorist bombings, but, they are hardly a daily occurrence. Turkey’s vast interior is endlessly fascinating and quite peaceful. 

Israel and Jordan share a border and are relative oases of calm in the region. Despite the current political stalemate in Israel that’s put the peace process with the Palestinians on hold, it remains one of the safest and most interesting countries in the region.  In my blog I try to elaborate on why I think tourism is, in itself, an underrated element of enhancing chances for a future peace between Israelis and Palestinians.