Overview, Part 3

These tools of the photographer—composition, camera angle, lens choice, shutter speed, lens aperture—serve the same purpose as the painter’s brush, the writer’s pen or keyboard, and the sculptor’s knife. They are the technical means of expression, of giving form to ideas generated in the intuitive mind.

In the end, this idea of ‘image as story’ is, for me, the driver of my curiosity whenever I’m out with my camera. It’s a habit of mind that brings clarity of purpose. I may sometimes miss the target but it’s not for lack of aim.

I invite you to click through the headings in the sidebar of this website to explore the images and stories within. It’s my hope they’ll inspire you to explore some of these amazing corners of our world and bring back your own stories.  I’ve included links to pages with examples of my Portfolio along with Sampler scrolls for larger viewing.  For mobile devices swipe left or right to view the scrolling galleries. There’s also a link to my blog, which will be updated as often as I can. For a larger view of an image in any gallery, just click on it.