People, Part 3

Of course, sometimes you just have to act quickly or lose the shot. That’s why I think it’s helpful to bridge the intuitive with the intentional. The process becomes more instinctive and ‘natural’ in much the same way that we develop skill with a musical instrument. The first time you play a D chord on a guitar you have to think about where your fingers go. If you keep at it, those fingers will soon enough begin to form that D chord on their own.

I like to think that my interest in photographing people is really an extension of my interest in our common humanity, flaws and all. There are occasional awkward moments or things I don’t understand. Some people don’t want their picture taken and their wishes need to be respected.

But I find, more often than not, that most people in this world are just as curious about me as I am about them and asking for a photo or expressing an interest in what they’re doing offers a chance for mutual inquiry and, hopefully, some recognition of that common humanity. (People, Pt. 4)