It’s often struck me that places, just like people, have characters all their own. Trying to describe that character is the perfect task for the photographer. Here again, it often helps to think about what it is that makes a place unique. Is it the energy or a feeling it generates? The light? The architecture? The way it incorporates the natural world?

Many times it is the people that define the character of a place. Photographing people as they work, play, relax, whatever, can be a great starting point to understanding and describing the character of a place.

Sometimes the emptiness of a scene can be a way of understanding ‘place’. I’ve even tried to describe the vastness of an emptiness in a photograph. This too can be a challenge when it involves a grand landscape or scenic, because now we’re confining the scale of something that moves us in a two-dimensional rectangle. While that seems like an obvious point, it bears repeating. (Next; Places, Part 2)