Scenics, Part 2

Here are some further approaches to scenics. Notice that in some of the images, I try to let the landscape speak for itself. Take the example of the clouds over the Indian Ocean in East Africa. I was taken with the massiveness of the cumulus clouds and the way they seemed to complement the still blue-green ocean to envelop the senses.

That was what I wanted to convey: the feeling of being enveloped by the tropical sky and sea. I was concerned that the small boats anchored offshore might distract from that feeling by lending a sense of scale. There was no removing them other than with Photoshop.

I debated that option as I’m not opposed to using Photoshop in this way. The immediate approach, however, was to render the boats smaller by using a wider angle lens. Once I got a look at the image on a bigger screen, I felt the boats actually worked in the context of what I was after and left them in. (Scenics, Pt. 3)