Taking a picture of a scene that moves us in some way is one of the most universal applications of  photography. Who hasn’t, at one time or another, snapped a scene because it stirred something inside that we wanted to remember?

When something about a landscape inspires us to photograph it, what is it we’re actually doing? Trying to preserve the scene in that moment, or the feeling it instilled in us?

It’s a question worth asking because it can shape the kind of image we produce. When we ask ourselves, ‘what it is about this scene that’s drawn me to it?’, we are bridging intuition with intent. The answers give our intuitive response focus. Is it something in the color? Specific scenic elements? The light? Water? Reflections? A sense of expansiveness?  Textures?

The point is, if we move beyond our initial, instinctual response, we can create a more engaging, enduring, photograph. Here are some examples of how I approach this and some more on the next page: (Scenics, Pt. 2)