Travel, Part 3

There are also the ever-present issues around safety and security that can’t be ignored. And, while the miracle of flying has enabled us to get anywhere in the world in a matter of hours, it’s not without its share of discomforts and hassles. But I’ve yet to hang up my passport. Why? A couple reasons.

First, I’ve developed a kind of ‘elasticity’ when it comes to navigating the language and cultural challenges of travel. I’ve learned the value of remaining flexible and resourceful. It’s surprising how much English is spoken around the world. And today, there are smart phone apps that can translate on the spot.  Second, and more important still, I’ve learned that wherever you go, most people are decent and kind and helpful. We all share a common humanity and recognizing that goes a long way.

That’s not to say there aren’t scammers, crooks, thieves, and other nasty sorts out there. There are. It simply means that we shouldn’t check our common sense or our graciousness at the boarding gate.