What is it about travel that won’t let go of some of us, while for others, it holds little or no sway? Are some people born with a kind of ‘curiosity’ gene that compels them to constantly be in search of what’s around the next bend? 

Traveling can certainly mean being out of one’s comfort zone; the routine habits we’ve developed have to be adapted or shunted aside and that’s a crap shoot for most of us. I like a good cup of coffee in the morning and, contrary to popular belief, Starbucks has not made it to every corner of the world yet. So, I’ll have tea or instant coffee, or whatever’s available. 

Some find the uncertainty of travel thrilling while others find it unnerving. I often think about the Europeans in the ‘Age of Exploration’ who went into the unknown fully aware that their curiosity would likely bring hardship down upon them and their crews. The ‘unknown’ they were sailing into was a very different thing than the unknowns facing today’s traveler.  (Travel, Part 2)